Top 5 Scariest Demonic Grimoire’s

September 18, 2019 0 By William Hollis

A grimoire – simply put, is an ancient book
of spells. Through history – a textbook of alleged lost
arts that include instruction for talismanic magic, divination – and in some cases, the
summoning and subsequent invocation of supernatural entities – demons and spirits. Most of these are differing versions of the
same text – but somewhere, through the bizarre channels of history – a few of them have managed
to cling to the fringes of dusty old bookshelves and shut away libraries. So – just in case you’re a budding demonologist
– we better take a look. What’s going on guys – and welcome back
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Finch – as we delve deep into the vaults of ancient history – and take a look at the Top
5 Scariest Demonic Grimoires. Roll the clip. I mean – I’m no expert, but I guess it’s
safe to say that for any budding amateur demonologist then this is a list of required reading. Although – the vast majority of them are pretty
unaccessible so props to you if you can read ancient Sumerian – or even Latin – because
Latin Non – est – bonum … meum. Before we begin guys – you know how it is
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few days. Kicking off at Number 5 – The Munich Manual
of Demonic Magic. A text supposedly written some time in the
15th century, the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic is a grimoire manuscript that describes
the lost, ancient rites of demonic knowledge. It is claimed that this text has been largely
ignored by scholars throughout history, due to its malevolent nature. The text – which is solely composed in Latin
– is pretty much a handbook to demonology – and much more worryingly – appears to be
a handy guide to necromancy. Although, it was my favourite class in Diablo
2. Fishymancer. If you know you know. The text was later picked up and an edited
manuscript was published in 1998 by Richard Kieckhefer – an American medievalist and religious
historian, where it was renamed Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer’s Manual of the Fifteenth
Century. Stranger still, though – a vast portion of
the book has yet to be fully translated – so who knows what the hell is lurking deep within
its message. Coming in at Number 4 – Picatrix. Which is a word that I just love saying. Picatrix. Almost sounds cute, right? Well, unfortunately – it’s pretty far from
that. It has been summarized as the most thorough
exposition of celestial magic in Arabic. In actual fact though – Picatrix is a 400-page
book of magic and astrology, originally written in Arabic under the title Ghayat al-Hakim
– allegedly dated all the way back to the 11th century – although some scholars have
argued that it was in actual fact written in the first half of the 10th century. Ghayat al-Hakim loosely translates to The
Aim of the Sage – or The Goal of The Wise. It wasn’t until 1256 when it was translated
into Spanish by Alphonso the 10th of Castile, and later into Latin where it picked up the
name Picatrix. The book synthesizes ancient works of magic
with astrology, and outlines a practice known as talismanic magic – a celestial power that
allegedly draws on the cosmic will of the universe. It also draws on the Neoplatonic theory of
hypostasis – which essentially is the idea that there’s always a bigger fish, and it
may or may not be a demon. Next up at Number 3 – The Grand Grimoire A text so nefarious and mysterious that most
people believe that it’s kept deep in the bowels of the Vatican Church’s ancient vaulted
archives – which, sadly for us, isn’t open to the public. While there is no evidence for this, The Grand
Grimoire has nevertheless gained notoriety throughout the modern era with its legend
being popularised in the early 20th century. Plain and simple, this grimoire outlines black
magic – with different editions dating the book between 1521, 1522 and 1421 – although
the most likely versions were written in the early 19th century. The Grand Grimoire is also known as Le Dragon
Rouge – or The Red Dragon – and is later divided into two sections, the Sanctum Regnum – which
outlines the instructions for making a pact with a demon – and commanding the spirit through
the means of a blasting rod into doing the readers bidding – including instructions to
make a pact with the devil. The second part – is known as Le Secret Magique
– ou le Grand Art de pouvoir parler aux morts. Which is The Magic Secret – or the Grand Art
of being able to speak with the dead. Which – I think is pretty self explanatory. Swinging in at Number 2 – The Sworn Book of
Honorius And this is – perhaps – one of the oldest
existing medieval grimoires – that can actually be verified in its entirety. It’s important to note that this grimoire
shouldn’t be confused with the Grimoire of Pope Honorius – because this one is an
entirely different story. Written by Honorius of Thebes – a mysterious
historical figure shrouded in the occult – this grimoire is pretty much a play by play guide
on how to conjure and command demons and allegedly contact a divine celestial power. It outlines the use of seals – an operation
outlined in The Key of Solomon, which may or may not be on this list. The first medieval reference of this text
was in 1347, it appears numerous times throughout history – in 1456 – and frequently throughout
the 14th and 15th century. Allegedly, the Sworn Book of Honorius is a
product of a conference of magicians who thought it would be a grand old idea to stick their
heads together, and condense all of their vast mystical know how into one single volume. Well – that volume just so happened to be
a staggering 93 chapters of demonic, mystical knowledge. Pretty heavy reading. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – The Magical
Treatise of Solomon And the primary means that we even understand
the term demon. The Magical Treatise of Solomon is some mystical
– funky – stuff – shrouded in the mystery of an ancient world, well, the Byzantine Empire
to be specific. Also known by it’s more lofty name – The
Little Key of the Whole Art of Hygromancy, Found by Several Craftsmen and by the Holy
Prophet Solomon – which, you know, if you’re going to name something, you may as well name
it in full. This grimoire is literally the cornerstone
of every grimoire ever made – and serves as the bridge between the Roman-era Testament
of Solomon – and the renaissance Key of Solomon, where the mystical era of demonology made
a return. Allegedly, it was based upon the found scripture
of King Solomon, laying out his knowledge to his son Rehoboam – and it is pretty much
a guidebook on a vast amount of magical techniques and tools to summon and control a host of
demonic spirits, create charms, understand a differing means of divination – and heal
through the powerful use of herbalism. Whatever your thoughts – there’s no doubt
that the Magical Treatise of Solomon had a massive influence on everything from folklore
and witchcraft to horror cinema and even Harry Potter, and whatever it is – it makes for
a bloody interesting story. Well – there we have it folks, the Top 5 Scariest
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