Top 5 Scariest Demons From Anime

December 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

MONONOKE Please refrain from making any feral hog jokes,
okay? This is serious business. For real though, have you ever seen a boar
up close? They’ve got those nasty tusks and will try
to kill and eat all sorts of stuff. But we’re not talking about real boars,
are we? No, we’re talking about Nago the Boar God! Imagine a boar ten times larger than a regular
one. Okay, now add hatred, and rotting flesh, and
maggots. Still with me? Now imagine what you would do if something
like that ran straight at you, eyes aglow. Stand and fight? Run away? Nah, let’s be real. You’d probably crap your pants. A creature like that is exactly what Prince
Ashitaka went up against at the beginning of Princess Mononoke. Originally the leader of the boar clan, he
led his fellow creatures in fighting off humans from Irontown as they tried to take over the
mountainside. These efforts were successful for a while,
but came to a stop when Lady Eboshi brought her riflemen along. The boar couldn’t stand up to the power
of the rifles, and Nago was shot by Eboshi. The iron ball stayed within his flesh, corrupting
him from the inside. As his flesh rotted, this great boar’s rage
increased alongside his fear of death until he became a demon god. Rampaging along the countryside, he was a
writhing mass of hatred destroying everything he came in contact with. At this point, he looked similar to a giant
spider with masses of worms crawling all over its flesh. Not a pretty sight. In addition to being hideous, stinky, and
massively destructive, Nago also found a way to concentrate all of his negative feelings
towards humans into a powerful curse. In his final battle with Prince Ashitaka,
he infects the human leader with a touch, dooming him to die slowly from the mark. Nago’s dying words promised the human race
a similar fate to his own, full of hatred and regret. His physical form and intense hatred are scary
enough on their own, but when you think about how he came to be, it becomes even more unsettling. If left alone, the boar would have likely
carried on and lived a normal life. But humans came along with their corrupting
influence, and transformed him into something he hated. Underneath the tragic story of Nago lies a
message about how humans treat the environment, and it rings especially true today. Soon enough, we may find Nago-like creatures
in the biomes that we’ve invaded. Are you ready to face down a boar demon? NUMBER FOUR: ANGELS – NEON GENESIS EVANGELION
Ok, yes. These are called angels, not demons. But the way they act is definitely not angelic. As descendents of Adam, with a genetic code
99.98% similar to humans, they are massively destructive beings that must be systematically
destroyed by NERV. Humans who have cast aside form, they develop
until a certain point as humanoid entities, before undergoing spontaneous metamorphosis
into an adult form. Some are vaguely humanoid in shape, while
others can take on the forms of insects, geometric beings, and even fourth-dimensional shadow-bodies. It’s hard to determine the Angel’s motivations,
as the clues regarding this are ambiguous and varied. Some say they are looking to make contact
with Adam, which would bring on a third impact and destroy mankind. Others hypothesize that the Angels are looking
to access Lilith and reset all life. Not having clear objectives makes them all
the more unpredictable, which is a pretty scary thought. Ultra-powerful beings that we don’t understand,
possibly looking to contact their progenitor and end all human life. Oh boy. Speaking of powers, these things have plenty. From A.T. (or absolute terror) fields that
allow them to create force fields, levitate, and jump huge distances, to exploding cores
and energy projection, Angels are nothing to mess with. Plus, most seem to be capable of regeneration,
making them even more difficult to kill. On top of the existential threats that Angels
pose, there are some moments in the show that are genuinely chilling. I won’t get too deep into these moments
here and now, but if you know, you know. It’s hard to say if Shinji and company ever
really had a fighting chance. NUMBER THREE: JINMEN – DEVILMAN
We’ll jump from existential threats to extremely personal ones. Enter: Jinmen. A depraved, sadistic, repulsive, perverse
turtle monster. This demon revels in the suffering of humans,
so much so that he will eat them alive instead of allowing them to die before consuming them. This quirk of his also allows him to psychologically
torment others as well. He does this by storing their still-living
faces on the back of his shell after eating them. The faces still retain sentience, and know
that they’ve been eaten. This is actually based on a Japanese folktale,
known as Jinmenso, where face-shaped sores appear on a human’s body and cause extreme
pain unless they’re fed. Ugh, I don’t even want to imagine that. Trypophobia has never seemed so scary. Jinmen compares the faces on his shell to
tattoos, and wears them with pride. It is also a useful combat scare tactic, as
he can use the relationships these people had to his advantage. Upon hearing the screams of loved ones, anyone
who wants to stand against Jinmen will have to think twice. If they kill Jinmen, or damage his shell,
that person is gone forever. I elaborated on his cruelty earlier, and I
might even go as far as to say he has no redeeming qualities at all. He is devious, and will work with other demons
until they are no longer useful to him. Ugh, this guy gives me the creeps. On top of all these terrible traits, he is
also quite strong. His shell and rough skin make him durable,
and he can pick up full-grown humans with one hand. He’s also got the ability to burn flesh
with the palm of his hand, and eject flames from his shell. A pizza-loving teenage mutant ninja turtle
This little guy packs quite the punch as the primary antagonist in Paranoia Agent. Appearing as a young baseball player on gold
rollerskates, he uses a bent baseball bat to attack people all over Tokyo, all while
evading capture. At first his attacks seem random, but it is
soon hypothesized that they are connected. He will only attack people in crisis, and
the violent assaults seem to lead to an improvement in the life of the victim. One of the detectives pursuing Lil’ Slugger
learns this, and is convinced that the bat-wielding assailant is a supernatural force. The detective becomes obsessive, and broadcasts
a warning to the people of Tokyo, exacerbating the public’s fears. As fear rises, the attacks increase. Truth and fiction are blurred, and Lil’
Slugger becomes incredibly powerful as an urban legend. Luckily, the detectives eventually confront
the first person attacked for more details. This girl is the creator of a popular dog
mascot named Marumi, whos popularity seems to be rising in tandem with the notoriety
of Lil’ Slugger. It is revealed that Maromi is actually based
on a real puppy she had as a kid. She accidentally dropped the leash, and the
puppy ran into traffic where it was killed. Instead of taking responsibility, she invented
a bat-wielding, skate-wearing puppy killer. Lil’ Slugger is a paranormal figment of
Tsukiko’s guilt and fear, brought to life by her need to escape her responsibilities. It was made even more powerful through the
fear of the general public. In the end, Tsukiko confesses the truth and
accepts her guilt, defeating Lil’ Slugger. It ties up real nicely in the anime, but imagine
if the detectives never went back to question her. She would have held onto that guilt for her
entire life, and Lil’ Slugger would have become even more powerful over time. And if she can manifest some omnipresent rollerskating
people-basher, imagine what other people could come up with. Not everyone is as meek as a mascot-designing
Of course our number one spot goes to this disgusting little monster. Pride is the most powerful of the Seven Homunculi,
and Father’s second in command. On the surface, this shadow-bastard appears
to be a sweet and cheerful child. But that’s just a facade. Beneath his rosy cheeks and little spiky bowl
cut lies a ruthless, sadistic, and resourceful killer. The childlike shell is just a container for
the real shadowy body, full of dark tendrils, tentacles, mouths, and red eyes. This shadow can expand wide enough to cover
an entire city, and is impervious to conventional harm. He is also in full control of his shadow wherever
it spreads, allowing him to see, hear, and manipulate anything that falls into its darkness. On top of the immediately obvious dark powers,
Pride also has the abilities of all of its siblings. It can cut through anything, remains invulnerable,
can shapeshift and manipulate, and can devour and assimilate others and their powers. Talk about a crazy power level, huh. All of these abilities under the control of
a cold and calculating child seem pretty horrifying right? Pride’s personality can be summed up by
its name as well. It is the incarnation of arrogance, only caring
for itself. It kills with indifference, and rids itself
of allies as soon as it can. But beneath the pristine veneer of pride lies
anger, bloodlust, and a desire for vengeance. Nothing good can come of that combination. OUTRO
And that caps off our list of scariest anime demons! I know it was sort of surface level, but if
you guys have any other anime demons you want to see on a top 5 list, let me know in down
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