Top 5 Scariest Vampire Movies Of All Time

September 13, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Ahh. Vampires. I love ‘em – you love ‘em – and ever since
the days of early gothic literature, tales of mysterious counts and countesses – out
in the misty, mountainous terrain of central Europe have disseminated the immortal imagination
of our sanguine overlords across our shared horror culture. The term vampire was first popularised in
Western Europe – after reports of mass hysteria in the Balkans that resulted in corpses being
staked and mobs of villagers accusing isolated individuals of being blood-sucking vamps. They were known as the shtriga – the vrykolakas
– and the strigoi – and, well – it’s plain to see, that horror cinema has immortalised
our garlic-hating bat-friends with some damn awesome horror movies. Let’s take a look. Hello horror fans – and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube – Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch – as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scariest Vampire Movies Of All
Time. Roll the clip. Now – for the curious amongst you, that clip
was from the legendary 1922 German expressionist horror film – Nosferatu, directed by F.W Murnau
and starring Max Schreck as the infamous vampire, Count Orlok. And really guys – although it doesn’t make
this list, we can’t pay homage to vampire horror cinema without first mentioning this
particular O.G blood-sucker. So, there we go. Also, there are some absolutely astounding
vampire movies out there – The Lost Boys, Fright Night, Night Watch, Underworld, From
Dusk Till Dawn – but this list is the most SCARIEST – not the most badass. Kicking us off at Number 5 – 30 Days Of Night,
2007 And to be honest with you guys, I still can’t
understand the lack of critical acclaim that this film received – because in my book, it’s
one of the most faithful adaptations of Vampire fiction that I’ve ever seen. The thing that makes 30 Days Of Night so endeering
– without mentioning its stellar cast and performance – is that the villainous vampires
in the film are so captivatingly original. They’re beastial and primal in ways that
horror cinema has rarely ever captured. Based on the comic book miniseries of the
same name, written by Steve Niles and directed by David Slade, 30 Days Of Night focuses on
the small town of Barrow, Alaska – as it enters it’s thirty-day long polar night – and it
just so happens that a band of ancient vampires turn up on a ghost ship, ready for an interruption
free all you can eat buffet. Josh Hartnett, as Sheriff Eben Oleson – absolutely
knocks this film out of the park, as well as supporting roles from Melissa George, Ben
Foster and Mark Boone Junior. 30 Days Of Night is violent in all the right
places, suspenseful in just the right amount – and a fitting homage to the devices that
make Vampire fiction so damn awesome. Coming in at Number 4 – A Girl Walks Home
Alone At Night, 2014 I’m going to go out on a limb and say that
this film went under the radar for most people, and with a tagline stating it as – the first
Iranian vampire western, then I wouldn’t exactly besmirch you for not taking note. But – if you haven’t – what you’ve missed
out on is one of the most unnerving, yet beautifully captured demonstrations of vampire cinema
in recent times. Written and directed by the awesome American-Iranian
director Ana Lily Amirpour – and also produced by none-other than Frodo Baggins himself,
Elijah Wood – A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night tells the tale of a lonesome vampire who stalks
her prey in the fictional Iranian ghost-town of Bad City. The film stars the relatively unknown actress,
Sheila Vand – who plays the title role of The Girl – who also turns out to be a corporeal
vampire of legend who spends her days in lonely isolation, spooking unwitting pedestrians
at night and feasting on villainous criminals just for kicks. I’m going to shoot straight – this film
isn’t exactly full-frontal horror – but where it really shines, is in its atmospheric
dread and bleak demonstration of the human condition. Next up at Number 3 – Bram Stoker’s Dracula,
1992 Alright – if this was a list of literature,
then of course – Bram Stoker’s original Gothic masterpiece, Dracula – would be at
the tip-tip-tippity top of this list – because of course – it’s Vampire Fiction 101. Butttt – if I’m being honest, Francis Ford
Coppola’s silver screen adaptation – although a horror showstopper – doesn’t exactly bite
the same necks that other vampire movies do. But – that’s the downside – because the
rest of this film, in its own right – is a fantastic depiction of our favourite hemoglobin
obsessed Count Dracula. Directed by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola,
and released in 1992 – this film emerged during a time when some of horror’s greatest icons
were getting a bit of a rework, to say the least. And rework it does, steering Count Dracula
from a campy cape-wielding hammer horror figure, to a creature steeped in ancient history and
dripping with the blood of long-lost generations. Also, did I mention that this film is absolutely
stacked. Gary Oldman as Count Dracula, the incredible
Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing himself – Winona Ryder in all her glory – and of course, the
one, the only, Keanu Reeves – whose English accent in this film is the stuff of cringe
legend – but still awesome nonetheless. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, although the narrative
takes second seat – looks absolutely incredible, and it’s dripping with the atmospheric sheen
of Count Dracula himself. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – Interview
With The Vampire, 1994 And I excruciatingly pandered over where to
place this film, but I think in the end – I’m happy with giving it the number two spot. For one reason – it perfectly captures the
essence of what it is to be a vampire, in a much more bleak and existential way – that
other vampire horror films have failed to encapsulate as well as this. It’s also 90s cinema at its peak – and I’m
a stickler for nostalgia. So there you go. Directed by Neil Jordan, with a screenplay
from Anne Rice herself – based on her incredible 1976 novel of the same name – Interview with
the Vampire is a tale that spans generations, and manages to maintain the blood-soaked gothic
horror throughout. The film stars Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt
– who, may I add – is fantastic at playing a psychopathic blood-sucking villain. Who knew, eh? Alongside my man Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe
du Lac – a plantation owner of Spanish Louisiana in 1791 – who gets turned into Lestat’s
new vampire best friend, because – let’s face it, they’re both pretty lonely dudes. This film is fantastic because of the seamless
ancestry that it manages to weave throughout its narrative, capturing the immortality of
these vicious, pale-skinned – beautiful bright eyed killers without breaking a sweat. Not like vampires can sweat anyway. Or can they? Do vampires sweat? Let me know guys. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – Let The
Right One In, 2008 Oh man – I’m just going to go out and say
it – I adore this film. And please – please watch this first before
the 2011 remake, Let Me In – although, I will give that the credit it’s due – because
the remake is still a decent horror film. But – and it’s a big but, it IS pretty much
a shot for shot remake – and, well, Let The Right One In is a near-perfect movie – so
it’s difficult not to be good. Directed by Tomas Alfredson and written by
John Lindqvist, based on his novel of the same name – Let The Right One In tells the
tale of two kids in Stockholm, Sweden – Eli and Oskar – and, well – Eli is a vampire. This film is heartbreaking and terrifying
all at the same time – and it tells the tale of two, lonely children in the bleak-Swedish-mid-winter
without pulling any punches. Despite being a film about a legendary fantasy
creature – Let The Right One In manages to capture the humanity of isolation. It’s violent, it’s drenched in blood – it’s
oftentimes shocking and bleak – but it’s also charming, endearing and beautifully depicted
– mainly down to the on-screen relationship of Kare Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson – two
child actors who colossally step up to the plate, and who together deliver one of the
finest shared performances in horror cinema. Really guys, I cannot recommend this film
enough. Let The Right One In is perhaps the finest
modern vampire film ever made – and for that, it deserves the number one spot on this list. Well – there we have it horror fans – our
list for the Top 5 Scariest Vampire Movies Of All Time – why don’t you let us know
your picks in the comment section down below. Before we depart though, let’s scour the
comment section – and read out some of your more entertaining edifications from over the
past few days. First up – Dave S says — With Jack’s love
for horror there is only one real question. If he hears a strange sound outside a cottage
in the middle of the night, does he go to see what it is due to horror curiosity, or
does he Nope out of there with the quickness? — Well Dave S, what an absolutely fantastic
question my good man. And I think the only real answer to that is
– I’ve seen far, far too many horror movies to know that succumbing to curiosity is never
a good idea. After all – it DID kill the cat. Next up – Dale Cordova says — Jack if you
could be a supernatural character from a movie which one would it be and why? — And cheers Dale, another awesome question. Well, hopefully through this list I’ve outlined
the pitfalls of being a vampire – no one wants to be that lonely, right? Although, I must admit – it is pretty alluring. I’d have to pick — oh man this is hard. Can I be a gunslinger of Gilead? Roland Deschain? Yeah, I’ll take that. Well – on that note horror fans – unfortunately
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