Top 5 Scary Demons From Horror Movies

October 5, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Demons! Oh boy, where do we even begin with the horde
of demonic forces and evil entities that have plagued the horror cinematic landscape since
time immemorial. It’s safe to say that there’s a lot to
get through, and after the proverbial cork was shot out of the demon-bottle, way back
when in 1973 with William Friedkin’s The Exorcist–horror cinema has been rife with
more possession movies and demonic investigations than you can cram into a well worn Necronomicon. And thankfully for us, they all make for some
particularly terrifying horror content. Let’s jump into it shall we? Hello horror fans–what’s going on, and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scary Demons From Horror Movies. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, of course–that
scene was the demonically possessed Regan MacNeil under her affliction of the Demonic
Overlord himself, Pazuzu. Because, of course it is–this is a Scary
Demons In Horror Movies list–and we have to pay tithe to the forefathers of demonic
horror cinema, else we’ll be running the risk of ticking off more tumultuous entities
than our insurance can cover–so, yeah. Better safe than sorry, right? Of course, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist
is our most honorable of honorable mentions, but you know that we like to keep things fresh
over here at Top 5 Scary Videos–so hopefully, a few of these horrifying entries will surprise
you. I mean that in a good way. Hopefully. Oh– and also, there may be a few spoilers
in this particular list, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Kicking off at Number 5 – Bathsheba Sherman Oh man–don’t you just love that scene? And I think it’s quite fitting to be kicking
off our list with perhaps one of the most iconic demonic entities in recent times, the
otherwise horrifying Bathsheba Sherman, first depicted in James Wan’s The Conjuring back
in 2013. Now, throughout the events of the film, the
entity of Bathsheba plagues Roger and Carloyn Perron, along with their five daughters Andrea,
Nancy, Christine, Cindy and April–after they move into an old, dilapidated farmhouse out
in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Not only did Bathsheba turn hand-claps into
a terrifying horror device, but it was also in the relentless attention to authenticity
where this particular demonic entity truly shined–framed by the notorious paranormal
investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. And that’s when we were exactly where James
Wan wanted us with this film. Because, perhaps more than any other demonic
possession film–it kind of felt real… because it kind of was. Loosely based on the true story of the Haunting
in Harrisville, Bathsheba Sherman was the malevolent spirit of an alleged devil worshipping
witch back in the mid 1800’s. As the legend goes, Bathsheba was a direct
relative of Mary Towne Eastey, one of the many women executed for alleged witchcraft
in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. In 1863–Bathsheba married a rich farmer,
where under she took the surname Sherman–and gave birth to his child. When that child was just a week old though–her
husband caught her attempting to sacrifice her baby to the Devil–and when she was exposed,
Bathsheba climbed to the top of the tree outside the Harrisville home, proclaimed her love
for the Demonic Overlord–cursing all those who would take her land in the future, and
hanged herself from the branches. There, her demonic reign began–and there,
we have, The Conjuring. Yeah. Either way, Bathsheba is pretty damn terrifying. Next up at Number 4 – Deborah Logan And really, the truth of the matter is–I
need only play that particular clip to highlight how utterly grotesque and terrifying the Demonic
Deborah Logan is. Because come on, I don’t care if you’re
the most seasoned horror fan of all time–that scene is well and truly messed up. But in actual fact, we have to give credit
where credit is due–because when we say Deborah Logan, we actually mean Henri Desjardins–the
malevolent entity that is the true antagonist of 2014’s The Taking of Deborah Logan, written
and directed by Adam Robitel–which as a side note, is an awesome horror film, and in particular
one of the most well crafted found footage horrors of the decade. The pain and suffering comes from two seperate
directions for the poor Deborah Logan, as she has been afflicted by the terrible disease,
Alzheimers, whilst also being paranormally puppeted by an evil French Physician–Henri
Desjardins, who uses Logan as a means to return to our plane. As the film goes on to elaborate, prior to
the events of the film–Henri Desjardins mysteriously disappeared after a series of cannibalistic
ritualized murders of four young girls–after which we discovered that Desjardin was attempting
to re-create an ancient demonic ritual that would thus make him immortal. Also, my favourite part of this film comes
after that particular revelation, where Gavin–the camera operator that serves as the pilot for
this found-footage documentary, instantly leaves after hearing that particularly terrifying
information. As in, we never see him again, Gavin gets
one sniff of cannibals and demonic ritualistic sacrifice–and he’s straight out of dodge
like a bat out of hell. I’m not exactly sure why, but in an otherwise
genuinely terrifying film, that particular attention to detail made this film so worthwhile. Well, other than the fact that Deborah Logan
is frickin nightmare fuel. Swinging in at Number 3 – Paimon It’s always bad news when you’ve got a
demonic cult in your treehouse, isn’t it? And it’s even worse news when that particular
demonic cult has just used you as a vessel to usher forth their demonic overlord. Now, obviously–spoiler alert for those of
you that haven’t yet seen Ari Aster’s resounding, 2018 instant horror classic–Hereditary–but
if you haven’t, stop what you’re doing, go and watch it–and then come back so we
can discuss the demonic implications of King Paimon. Hereditary is a terrifying film–but what
makes this particular demonic entity deserve a place on our list, is in the even more terrifying
implications of his nefarious reign. Perhaps more so than any other demonic horror
film, Paimon seems to cut above the rest–despite the fact that, well, we never once see him. And therein lies the rub. You see, whilst Hereditary *is* very much
a film about a demonic entity–it’s a film about how one single source of evil can affect
the lives of many, many people–hence, you know–the demonic naked cult in the treehouse. The fact that Paimon has an entire chain of
command that serves to manifest his evil will on our earthly plane, is a concept that has,
for the most part, been entirely overlooked by the genre. I mean, you could argue that The Omen and
it’s sequels were the original progenitor, but I’m not entirely sure whether The Number
of the Beast is equally as terrifying as Paimon searching for a host and making people behead
themselves with piano wire in the process. The Demon Paimon is the embodiment of despair
and hopelessness, exemplified within the events of 2018’s Hereditary–and in some ways,
it may be the most visceral depiction of demonic possession in horror. Coming in at Number 2 – The Gemini Killer And I’d just like to preface this point
with the fact that William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist 3 is the rightful spiritual successor
to William Friedkin’s 1973 classic–The Exorcist–and in it’s own right, is perhaps
one of the most satisfying sequels slash third entries when held up to most horror franchises. I mean, it should be–given the fact that
William Peter Blatty was the author of the original novels, and this film is very much
him setting the record straight. And rather than the Pazuzu and Regan MacNeil
show, this time–we get a whole host of demonic possessions and a whole new terrifying paranormal
concept. In the events of the film, Lieutenant Kinderman
is on the case of a murderer, investigating a series of murders that seem to fit the modus
operandi of the renowned serial killer, James “The Gemini” Venamun, played by the awesome
Brad Dourif–who, strangely enough–was executed seventeen years prior to the events of the
film. And well, yeah–you guessed it. The Gemini Killer was so damn evil in his
mortal life, that his soul was sentenced to eternal damnation, to remain in a state of
torment as a demonic entity–and as it turns out, The Demonic Spirit of the Gemini Killer
just so happens to take possession of a very familiar figure, Father Damien Karras, one
of the two priests to oversee Regan MacNeil’s exorcism during the events of the first film. As it turns out though, Pazuzu is still kicking
about–and the demonic overlord has taken the Gemini Killer entity under his wing, using
his power of possession to enact his revenge on Father Karras, keeping him in a state of
eternal pain and inner conflict. Based on Brad Dourif’s performance alone,
without the fantastically horrifying narrative of this film–The Gemini Killer is one of
the most unnerving demonic entities in cinema, and rightly so. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot
– The Stranger And this may be a little bit of a surprise
to some of you, but just stick with me–and also note that if you haven’t seen the incredible
2016 South Korean Horror, The Wailing, written and directed by Na Hong-jin–then please do. Because it’s awesome, and also a true demonstration
on how to pull off an utterly unnerving horror movie purely by characterisation alone. The truth of the matter is though, there are
so many conflicting forces of evil at play throughout the events of The Wailing–that
on first viewing, it’s incredibly difficult to decipher exactly which evil to be afraid
of. There’s Moo-myeong, AKA no-name, the woman
in white–who may perhaps be an all-powerful god of the land, or a malevolent witch that
uses people as playthings. Then there’s Il-Gwang, the drifter shaman
that seems to have all the answers. But it’s most unsettling character–alongside
many other worthy evil entities, zombies included–is The Stranger. Who just so happens to be, the devil himself. Maybe. There’s a lot going on with this film. However, *the* most terrifying aspect of The
Stranger, hands down–is the fact that although he very much is possessed by the Devil, The
Evil Crow Spirit, the Tengu of Buddhist Mythology and all of those things combined–what we
see throughout the first few acts of this film, is the human side of him trying to cling
on to whichever morsel of his own mind that is still left behind. The Stranger is very much a tormented victim
of this demon, and it’s through the extraneous lengths that his human side goes to–to try
and cling on to life and hope–that makes it that much worse for us to see as viewers. We don’t know *who* to trust in this film,
that’s a given–but as those few closing scenes roll around, it becomes very clear
that all hope has been extinguished–and evil has won. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Demonic
Horror Movie or not–that’s where the real fear lies. Well, there we have it horror fans–our Top
5 List for the Top 5 Scariest Demons From Horror Movies. What did you guys think? Do you agree? Do you think there’s plenty more where that
came from? Well, why don’t you let us know your thoughts
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