Top 5 Scary Demons From Mythology

October 19, 2019 0 By William Hollis

This world is truly screwed up — there’s
no denying that. War, violence, disease, famine, global warming,
snakes, pineapple on pizza. But let’s enter a hypothetical realm for
a moment — and say that we weren’t the cause of all these problems — but instead
a demon was. Many demons stir up trouble on earth for their
own amusement — others so they can lur the sheep away from the herd, leading them down
to the depths of the underworld and into Satan’s arms. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos we’re going
to be listing off the Top 5 Scary Demons From Mythology. Before we begin though be sure to stick around
until the end of the video where I’ll be responding to a few of your comments. Let’s jump in. 5 Abyzou
From Jewish mythology we have Abyzou — also known as Abizou, Obizu, Obizuth, Obyzouth,
and Byzou. This demon is infertile — and — well — pretty
pissed off about that. Her soul purpose is to seek out pregnant women
— possess them — causing miscarriages and stillbirths — purely out of bitterness and
jealousy due to not being able to bare a child. She’s quite the asshole — even worse — she’s
described as having scale and snake-like qualities. No thank you. 4 Vapula
In Christianity, Vapual is the duke of hell and a high commander of various legions of
demons. He is an incredibly intelligent demon and
well-versed in philosophy, so if you find yourself suddenly struck with unexplainable
knowledge — you may just be possessed by this little devil. His favourite pastime is paranoia. That’s right — he will turn loved one against
loved one in order to watch humanity burn around him and draw the sinful into the depths
of the underworld. 3 Jikininki
This demon appears in Japanese Buddhist mythology and is known as Jikininki. It comes from the spirits of those who are,
I quote, “greedy, selfish, and ungodly”. Jikininki are cursed to spend eternity feeding
on the flesh of human corpses. Sounds fun. Now — the thing that makes these creatures
truly terrifying are that they are just downright miserable and will stop at nothing to take
innocent people down with them. In order to do that they make a person’s
like a complete and utter living hell — so that they don’t have to suffer alone. Aww — it’s kinda heartbreaking, isn’t
it. 2 Pazuzu
Pazuzu appears in ancient Babylonian and Assyrian mythology, and is described as the beast. He is the king of wind demons and the bringer
of storms, droughts, and famine. Now — many of you may recognize his name
— yup — that’s right — this dude possessed poor Linda Blair in The Exorcist after she
summoned him via a Ouija Board. Bad girl. Not only is he known to bring famine upon
unfortunate souls — but he is also the bringer of disease and pestilence. Yep — this dude is just bad news, plain and
simple. However — he does have one upside — which
leads us into our next number. 1 Lamashtu
Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology describes a demoness named Lamashtu. She is a demon who torments women throughout
their pregnancies — and when they give birth — steals the babies so she can chew their
bones and drink their blood. Not only does she kill babies but she is also
the destroyer of crops and has a passion for contaminating water and wreaking havoc whenever
possible. Forewarning — don’t summon this demoness. Those possessed by this entity will suffer
horrific nightmares and sleep disturbances and may develop a grave illness that will
ultimately kill you. Now her appearance is what make this demon
truly terrifying. She is depicted as having a hairy body, the
head of a lioness, donkey teeth and ears, and bird feet, complete with talons. Lovely. It’s even stated that this demon is so terrifying
that pregnant women will often summon our previous number in hopes of protection — not
that he does that — he just hates Lamashtu so much that he would likely distract her
from destroying you. Well there we have it! Did these demon scare you? Were there any that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
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