Top 5 Scary Demons That Could End The World

December 23, 2019 0 By William Hollis

There are a lot of different ways to define
demons. An overarching description would be: a supernatural
being prevalent in religion, literature, mythology, and assorted media. Thanks Wikipedia. But we know that demons are much more than
a dry definition could ever hope to describe. In fact, these spirits and divine powers are
a lot stronger than most want to give them credit for. Sure, lots of demons are physical representations
of human traits, and are often confined to far-off regions of Hell that could never reach
Earth under normal circumstances. Who cares about normal circumstances though! There’s nothing normal about the demon’s
we’re about to talk about! In fact, they are all most definitely burly
enough to put an end to all life as we know it! Sweet! Hello horror heads, and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube: Top5ScaryVideos. I’m your horror host, Keegan Hughes, and
today we’re gonna be taking a look at the Top 5 Scary Demons That Could End the World. Before we get started, make sure you take
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2:25-2:31 Oh that takes me back. If you couldn’t tell, that’s Dave Grohl
as the Devil absolutely rocking it on the drums in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. Truly a demon who could destroy the world
with some tasty licks, if only he could turn down a rock-off. Now that we’re in a suitably demonic mood,
let’s start the list! NUMBER FIVE: YALDABAOTH
This one is a super big Persona 5 spoiler, so if you haven’t played it yet, or are
still waiting for the Switch version (sorry), maybe skip to the next number! The Holy Grail, the God of Control, the Fake
Igor, this is the absolute biggest bad in Persona 5. After the Phantom Thieves defeat all of the
other, more publically menacing enemies and assume it’ll be smooth sailing to the end,
this guy shows up to ruin everything! And he totally does ruin everything! As the manifestation of humanity’s wish
for order and control, this mecha-angel can control people’s desires and their cognition
of the world around them. He considers himself a god, above all other
beings! Talk about a superiority complex. As such, he is also representative of the
seven deadly sins. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy,
Pride, you name it! He has the power to destroy the world through
a hard reset of everything, or by enslaving humanity through a false reality. Although, he didn’t begin with all that
power. Yaldabaoth holds the human world in the palm
of his hand, and is made more powerful by the will of humans as a whole. The more people wish for a strong leader,
and to be told what to do, the more mighty he becomes. Upon gaining sentience, he saw how corrupt
society was, and decided that humanity should be met with ruin. This is a little bit paradoxical, however,
because he has the ability to influence the will of the public. As such, he could steer them in a better direction,
but instead allows them to to continue on the same path in order to ensure his rule
over the world. All this power makes him arrogant, believing
that he is the ultimate being. That kind of arrogance makes me suspect that
he would destroy the whole world on a whim. And he would have got away with it too, if
it weren’t for those meddling theives… NUMBER FOUR: BEELZEBUB
No, not Beelzeboss. This demon isn’t quite as sick-nasty on
the drums. This is the Demon of Gluttony, the devil of
pride, the false god! One of the three most prominent and powerful
of fallen angels, alongside Satan and Leviathan. This guy sits atop Hell’s hierarchy like
it’s nothing. Known for causing jealous murders and inciting
wars, this is another demon who loves to watch the world burn. His aim is to cover the world with terror
and corruption, and that’s not too hard for a demon with dominion over decay and decomposition. You’ll know it’s him by the swarms of
flies that surround him, or if he decides to transform into a giant, hideous fly himself. And unlike Seth Brundle, Beelzebub can change
back into human form. These flies can even carry souls into the
abyss. There are a few ways this firey fly fellow
might end the world. One would be raising an army of chaos at the
drop of a hat. Yeah that would be bad. Although, if I know anything about demons,
I would say he might try some other stuff first. As demon of gluttony, it’s likely that his
plans are already in effect. He could very well be influencing powerful
humans, getting them to encourage overconsumption across the board. Why else would we be eating fast food and
throwing away unused groceries when there are starving people out there? What other reason could there be behind the
insane burning of fossil fuels and the constant purchasing of plastic gadgets we don’t need? It’s Beelzebub trying to make us hollow
out our planet! It’s gotta be! If its up to him, we won’t go out with a
bang, but with a whimper. NUMBER THREE: CENOBITES
Speaking of bangs and whimpers, if these terrifying extra-dimensional torture-play demons take
over we’ll be doing a lot of both. Hailing from Clive Barker’s extended universes,
the Cenobites have collective power unlike any other. To quote Pinhead himself, they are explorers
in the further regions of experience, demons to some, and angels to others. Clad in leather, with lots of open wounds
to boot, these BDSM-loving aliens can only come to Earth through schisms in time and
space opened by unearthly artifacts. When summoned, they are known to subject their
victims to emotional and psychological torture far beyond what any human could have previously
imagined. With a variety of powers, this is no big deal
to the Cenobites. Hooks and chains that can be summoned from
any shadow to rip and tear at the flesh of those under their influence, telekinetic powers,
and otherworldly strength are just a few of the ways they can drive humans mad with pain
and pleasure. The pain obviously being delivered in much
higher quantities. As detailed in Hellraiser II, they live in
another maze-like dimension, and bring their quarry into this Labyrinth for unimaginable
torture. There are also beastly abominations dwelling
in this dimension that could be released into the human world, looking for some flesh to
consume. Horrible monstrosities aren’t well-known
for their self-regulation either. The Cenobites don’t seem too concerned with
destroying the planet in earlier iterations of the Hellraiser series, but starting in
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, it seems like some will break free of whatever was limiting
this urge before. Pinhead acts on his own, flying in the face
of previous Cenobite behaviour, and uses his powers to cause all sorts of pain and destruction
on a larger scale. This implies that other Cenobites have the
capacity to do the same, which could spell out major calamity on Earth if they chose
to hop over one dimension en masse. Y’all better get ready for some intense
pain and pleasure, or you’re in for a bad time. They have such sights to show us. NUMBER TWO: ICON OF SIN
this baphomet-headed demon-spawner could end our world in a heartbeat. In fact, it already did in DOOM II. Just because it was killed in the end doesn’t
mean the world isn’t still blasted to smithereens. There’s no taking back that kind of worldwide
collapse. The earth is already ruined by the time our
heroic space marine shows up to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Wait, wrong FPS. Getting back to how this giant robo-devil
would destroy the world; it literally infinitely spawns demons from Hell into our world. How does it do this? Well, in the doom universe, humans have come
up with some pretty ingenious teleportation technology. However, as teleportation tech is bound to
do, it malfunctions and opens a portal to Hell on Mars. We’re led to believe that this problem only
exists on Mars in the first game, but that would be too convenient, wouldn’t it? In DOOM II, more portals open on Earth, and
the Icon of Sin gets to chill in the bowels of hell and fire demon after demon through
these portals to cause humans a whole lot of trouble. And lets be real, nobody on Earth even comes
close to the demon-slaying capabilities of the fictional DOOMGUY. So if these portals open, and if this metal-headed
brain-demon decides to spawn a bunch of hellions in the city streets, it’s all over. NUMBER ONE: THE SAINT OF KILLERS
Of all the demons on this list, only one has successfully killed both Satan and God. Yes I said a demon killed God. That deity-ending demon is the Saint of Killers
from Preacher. Once a bloodthirsty Confederate soldier known
as the Butcher of Gettysberg, The Saint of Killers decided to settle down with a woman
and find peace. Still a man at this point, he fell in love
and had a family, and was happy. Sadly, he lived in a time where medicine was
scarce, and happy endings even scarcer. Disease took its toll, and his family died
while he was out looking for a cure. Upon finding their corpses, the last sliver
of good inside him disappeared, and he became a force of pure hatred. He walked through the town of Ratwater and
slaughtered every single citizen. Upon emptying out the local saloon, he took
a shot and was killed by a tornado. His hate did not max out there though, no
way. Instead, he was damned to Hell and forced
to re-live his family’s death over and over. Each time, he also lived through his slaughter
of the Ratwater populace. Soon enough, he is sprung to seek out and
kill Jesse Custer. And well, the rest is history. Immortal, and on a bloody quest for revenge
against the world, The Saint of Killers is a killing machine. You probably already knew that bit. His guns, a pair of Colt 1847 Walkers, were
gifted to him by the Angel of Death. They never run out of ammunition, never jam,
and are omnideadly. That means they will not miss their target,
and one shot will always kill, regardless of circumstance. Like aimbot in real life. Can’t kick this guy from the lobby. The guns can penetrate a dozen walls, and
actually drill a hole from one end of the Earth to the other. Plus, The Saint of Killers retains them after
dying. Which, coincidentally, is how he killed God. So now he’s up in heaven, ruling over Paradise. And if he chose to do so, he could kill every
last person on Earth without breaking a sweat. And knowing the amount of hatred deep in his
heart, he probably would without a second thought. OUTRO
Soooooooooo yeah. Basically we’re all done for. It was nice knowing you all! I’ll be in my fallout shelter, in the fetal
position. Call me when the world is nice and well-done! Do you think we have a chance if any of these
demons decide to end the world? Are there any planet-busters that I left off
the list? Let me know down in the comments! And I’ll use that to segway right into some
comments from last time! Steampunk Pixie says “Just to be clear I
AM NOT A HORROR HEAD. I am a Horror Fan”
Ok, I’ll be clear as well. I don’t actually have the power or influence
to tell you who you are, I’m just greeting the folks in the audience who do consider
themselves Horror Heads! Salud 74 says “You Folks are just to simple
to understand tall grass” Oh I understand tall grass just fine, that’s
what happens when you don’t mow your lawn. In the Tall Grass on the other hand was less
than deep, but I’ve already said enough about it. Ain’t That Picture Dusty says “I thought
that La Whatever movie was pretty good. I’m pretty sure there are only so many ghost
types out there. What do you want from her? She’s just a cursed woman.” The fact that you’re calling her La Whatever
speaks volumes. Demand more from your entertainment folks! There are lots of great movies out there that
get passed over for mediocre ones every day! Just Some Guy without a Mustache says “I
personally didn’t think Escape Room was a horror, it was more like “How to get annoyed
by watching dumb characters doing dumb things” I would have to agree with you on this one,
although it was marketed as a thriller / horror, so we have to take that at face value. FATLACES THEDON says “Countdown was basically
final destination with a timer” And less cool kills too! And with that we’ll bring this video to
a close! Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next