Top 5 Terrifying Ghost Hauntings In The World

December 17, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Ghosts. Are. Everywhere. It’s true! You’d be hard-pressed to find a square kilometer
of developed land without a paranormal story attached. This is true the world over, with stories
of unhappy deaths compelling spirits to return to the waking world existing in every culture. While these stories often share a lot of the
same elements; like floating, pale spirits returning with unfinished business, there
are a lot of differences too! Ghosts in different cultures often speak to
specific fears, and take on new forms because of this. In fact, many famous ghost stories and urban
legends are based on natural and man-made phenomena, things that scare people even without
the introduction of a ghastly figure. These fears differ geographically, likely
due to whatever horrors the ancestors in the area had to deal with many moons ago. So while ghosts and hauntings are universal,
the reasons behind them are definitely not. Hello horror heads, and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube: Top5ScaryVideos. I’m your horror host, Keegan Hughes, and
today we’re taking a look at the Top 5 Terrifying Ghost Hauntings in the World. Maybe put the passport away for this one,
because you might not want to take that trip after I tell you what’s lurking in the darkness. Before we get started, I want to remind you
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1:06-1:10 For those who don’t know, that was from
the incredible japanese haunted house classic, HOUSE. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the list today,
but I thought it would be a fun way to kick off our hauntings countdown. Let’s get started. NUMBER FIVE: KUCHISAKE-ONNA
Hailing from Japan, this beastly beauty is a force to be reckoned with indeed. Japan has the best ghost stories, eh? Yokai, vengeful spirits, slow-burning psychological
horror, there’s something for everyone! I could probably do a whole video, or even
a bunch of videos on Japanese horror! But for now, we’ll talk specifically about
Kuchisake-Onna, also known as the slit-mouthed woman. This ghost appears as a beautiful woman wearing
a mask or face-covering of some kind. She will haunt train and bus stations late
at night, looking for her next victim. When she spots one, Kuchisake-Onna will approach
her mark and ask them “Am I beautiful?” If the victim answers yes, she will remove
her mask to reveal a gaping, bloody smile, slit from ear to ear. She’ll ask again, and if the victim still
says yes, they’ll end up with a smile just like hers! Twins! Kuchisake-Onna will take out her knife, and
slice the poor transit-taker’s face to match her own. If at any point the person tells her she is
not beautiful, she’ll take that same sharp blade and kill them. Some say she chops them in half, others say
she disembowels her prey. Either way, it’s bad news for anyone who
is approached. There really is no right answer. Although, some speculate that you can avoid
it altogether by telling her she is average before running away. Other survival stories detail distracting
the ghost with hard candies, or confusing her by asking if she thinks the victim is
beautiful. The hard candies thing is odd, because it
would probably be really difficult to suck on anything with a mouth like that. Huh. This story is said to have origins dating
back to the days of the samurai. The original Kuchisake-Onna is thought to
be the adulterous wife of a samurai who mutilated her as revenge. Other versions claim she was disfigured during
a botched surgery, attacked by a woman jealous of her beauty, and that the mouth is filled
with super-sharp teeth. At one point in the 1970’s, the ghastly
legend became so popular that police patrols were increased, and children were not allowed
to walk home alone. So practice what you’re gonna say in front
of the mirror, and make sure you stay strapped with Jolly Ranchers. Unless you wanna go around telling people
how you got that smile! NUMBER FOUR: SKONDHOKATAS
Okay, this one is a little harder to find lots of information on, but don’t lose your
head! I’ll tell you everything I know. These stumbling ghosts haunt the railways
crisscrossing India. Being the fourth-largest rail system in the
world, there have been numerous accidents with unfortunate fatalities. Derailings, collisions, trips-and-falls on
the tracks, you name it. Some of the accidents have led to headless
victims, and therefore, headless ghosts. Skondhokatas are ghosts with everything above
the shoulders removed. They spend their days shambling along the
train tracks where they lost their lives. Forever looking for their heads, Skondhokatas
will ask folks passing by to help them search. This is not a friendly request, though. If someone refuses, or gives up after a while,
the ghosts will possess them, hypnotize them, or otherwise take control of them and make
them continue looking forever. Unfortunately for the ghosts and their new
helpers, the heads are long gone. Nobody’s gonna leave a rotting human head
on the tracks, sorry! Thankfully, these malevolent foragers aren’t
very smart. You know, because they don’t have heads. So a seasoned traveller can outsmart and trick
these ghosts before they have a chance to use their possession powers. So let this be a lesson to you all: if someone’s
looking for head near the train tracks, DON’T offer to help. NUMBER THREE: LA LLORONA
This one is a little more well known, thanks to Hollywood’s recent adaptation of the
classic Spanish folktale. If you’ve seen the Conjuring spinoff “The
Curse of La Llorona,” you’ll know the gist, but that flick definitely missed out
one some of the creepiest parts of the wailing mother searching for redemption. Also known as the Weeping Woman, La Llorona
is a ghost story about a beautiful young woman named Maria. Maria met a rich man, charmed him with her
looks, and got married. The couple had two lovely children, and were
happy for a while. As is the case in a lot of stories, the man
became less and less interested in Maria as time went on, spending less time with the
family, until he would only come around to see the children. This did not sit right with poor Maria, but
she carried on. Until, one day, she saw her husband with another,
much younger woman. In a fit of rage, Maria drowned her children
in the nearby river. Upon realizing what she had done, Maria drowned
herself as well. Upon reaching heaven, Maria was stopped at
the gates, and banished to purgatory as a ghost upon earth. It is said that on the day of Maria’s funeral,
a woman in a white funereal gown was seen in the river, scraping the bottom. In the years following her death, people have
seen a spectral figure in white wading through lakes and rivers, searching for something. Cries of “Ay, mis hijos!”, or “Oh, my
children!” can be heard when she is present. The further the cries sound, the closer she
is, so be careful. This spirit will often mistake living children
for her own, and drown them in a fit of confusion and rage. For this reason, children in Mexico are warned
not to go out alone at night, lest La Llorona snatch them up. La Llorona is a tragic tale of a desperate
woman, not an evil one, and her ghost is one searching for redemption and her children,
not looking for revenge. This makes the story all the more sad and
scary, because she pulls more families into a tragedy without even realizing it. NUMBER TWO: GJENGANGER
We’ve just wrapped up a river spirit, now we can talk about Viking spirits! The yen gongur, or gjenferd, is a Scandinavian
ghost with good reason to return. Murderers, their victims, people who committed
suicide, or those with something on Earth left undone, these again-walkers will return
to the Earth in full corporeal form. Kinda like zombie-ghost-vampires, in a way. They have physical form, and often have the
goal of disturbing the lives of those who wronged them. Because of this, they often look like real
people, and are difficult to differentiate between living humans. Adept at spreading sickness, these ghouls
can cause your flesh to fall away from your body with just a touch. One of their more famous methods of haunting
involves a deadly pinch. They will pinch someone in the dead of night,
which leaves a blue spot. At first that doesn’t sound too bad, but
a dead-man’s pinch is a sign of impending sickness and death. This mark will then spread to the victim’s
heart and kill them. And here I was thinking that pinches were
no big deal. It is likely that fear of this kind of haunting
came from old-school disease-based superstitions. Death was more well-integrated into life back
then, and corpses weren’t as easy to dispose of. If people weren’t careful about sealing
away their dead, sickness could very well spread to those still alive. Practical and terrifying! NUMBER ONE: AMITYVILLE
I don’t even need to talk about this one, there’s already so much media out there
concerning Amityville. Books, movies, documentaries, radio shows,
you name it. This house on Long Island has received it’s
fair share of attention over the years thanks to the famous mass-murder that took place
within, and the subsequent haunting. You know, swarming flies, demonic pigs, ooze
seeping through the walls and floors. Classic stuff, really. This could very well be the prototypical American
haunted house. All of these stories are based on two major
events: the mass murders committed by Ronald DeFeo, Jr. in November of 1974, and the experiences
of Kathleen and George Lutz afterwards. DeFeo walked through his house at 3:15am,
and shot every single one of his family members. For reasons still unknown, each victim was
found lying in the same position: face down on the bed. DeFeo did not use a silenced weapon, nor did
he have any proveable accomplices, so it is quite strange that nobody woke up and moved
from that position. DeFeo’s story also changed over time, so
we may never truly know what happened on that fateful night. However, this family was murdered by their
own son, which is reason enough to come back from the afterlife and haunt the house. These hauntings are well-documented in Jay
Anson’s “true story” book, The Amityville Horror. We won’t discuss all of the hoax-talk surrounding
this though, I just wanna get to the spooky stuff. Kathleen and George moved in with their kids
shortly after DeFeo was convicted, and soon began experiencing strange events. They were plagued by flies, even in the winter
months. George would wake up at exactly 3:15 each
night. Kathleen was plagued by vivid nightmares about
the murders. They saw a demon in the fire, with a half-blown-out
head. Their child developed an imaginary child that
looked like a demonic pig with red eyes, and other people claimed to see it too. A priest tried to bless the house, heard a
voice telling him to get out, and ended up developing unexplained red welts on his hands. Kathleen even levitated out of her bed at
3:15. There’s a famous picture of a demonic boy
taken by Ed and Lorraine Warren that appears to show a young boy with glowing eyes, even
though there was no such boy in the house at the time. Some speculate that it was the ghost of the
9 year old DeFeo boy, still roaming the house in which he died. The events I just covered don’t even scrape
the surface of stories told about the Amityville Horror, but you probably have an idea of how
haunted this house is. The house was actually sold to new owners
in 2017, and they haven’t reported any strange events yet. All we need now is a brand new Hollywood horror
detailing the events so someone opens up investigations again. What a list, huh? So many ghosts all over the world, so little
time. What do you think? What is the scariest haunting in the world? Are there any international haints that I
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