Tweet- The Series (A Teen Paranormal Web Series): #2.2

September 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

So, apparently their idea of recreation is painting fruit for thirty minutes. Between you and me I think it’s a test to see how mental I am. Look what I did. Do you want to know what the crazy part is? It’s a forgery. I saw someone else paint. So the way I figure, if it backfires on me, I’ve got an out. Pretty smart; huh? ahh…CRAP! OMG! He’s so hot! To bad I kinda of ruined the moment when I fainted. (Trish VO from computer): Did you puke? I always puke when I faint. Eew. No. (Jenna VO from computer): Wait! You fainted? OK, it was more of a slip and fall. You are such a klutz around cute guys. (Trish VO from computer): Would you let her finish and get to the juicy part. Trust me. If it involves Fallon, there is no juicy part. Oh yeah! Check this out. He had his arms around me… (Fallon VO from computer): …all the way. Our lips came this close to touching. No F-N way! He help me so close. You know like Lancaster… (Fallon VO from computer): and Kerr in From Here To Eternity. I never saw it. Great movie. Oh God! He smelled so good! And then, ughhh. My uncle walks in! Told ya. No juicy part. (Trish VO from computer): So, what’s his name? Uncle Mike. (Trish VO from computer): No! The hot guy! Oh. (Fallon’s VO over computer): Oh. It’s a… Um…Oh my god! Oh my god! I’m such an idiot. I forgot his freakin name! How could you not remember? I don’t know, I don’t know. Once our eyes met everything went mush! What if he calls? (DOOR KNOCK) Come in! Hey Fallon, I’m taking Jeremy to his film class now. Oh, OK. Oh, Uncle Mike? Grandpa said Jenna could come down for the 3 day weekend, she already has her ticket. (Fallon VO from computer): Is it OK if she comes here? Hey girls. Hi. That Lizzy girl’s not coming is she? No, no. Her parents sent her off to some boarding school. (Fallon VO from computer): they want her to be a debutante. (Uncle Mike VO from computer): Wow. Good luck with that; huh? (Fallon computer VO): So can she? Please? (Uncle Mike Computer VO): I don’t see why not. Thanks. Listen, the dishwasher is on the fritz and the repairman is coming tomorrow, so you gotta wash them by hand. No probs. I’ll handle it. I’ll be back around ten. Bye girls. Bye. I should probably get going too. I have a ton of homework plus I still have to unpack everything. (Jenna computer VO): OK. See you soon. Bye girl. Bye girl. (Fallon sings to herself) “…well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damned depressed. That I set my sights…” (Tweet sound from Freddie interrupts her). (Reading the tweet to herself out loud): Sorry about today, but it was your fault. My fault? OK, how’s that? (TWEET SOUND) Yeah! 3 seconds too late. Don’t worry, I’m not mad. I did get to meet that cute guy; whatever his name is. (TWEET SOUND) Really? I guess you missed the part where he said I looked pretty. (TWEET SOUND) (reading Freddie’s tweet message) He says that to every girl he meets. Hmmm! Wow! Somebodies jealous! (TWEET SOUND) Handle us? What are you talking about? There’s no us! You’re a friggin phone and a pain in the butt one at that. (TWEET SOUND) And I’m telling you stay out of my personal business. (TWEET SOUND) YOU? What about me? (TWEET SOUND) (Intense music begins softly and slowly builds) (Fallon reads the Tweet out loud): I don’t like your attitude. YEAH! Well, ditto back! (TWEET SOUND) What? (TWEET SOUND) You’re disgusting! Of all the cool stuff in the store I had to friggin pick you! (TWEET SOUND) That’s what you think! You know what witches and cell phones have in common? They both have an issue with water! (MUSIC PLAYS LOUDLY) FREDDIE?! What’s happening? What’s going on? You know you deserve this! You said things that you shouldn’t have! Freddie? OH! That was freaky. Freddie? Freddie? Well, I guess that’s it. It seems the human has finally out-smarted the phone. (FAINT TWEET SOUND) Maybe not.