Vampire Baby!  Halloween Props & Decorations at Spirit Halloween

Vampire Baby! Halloween Props & Decorations at Spirit Halloween

October 26, 2019 0 By William Hollis

don’t they look like Billy Eilish sure
that one’s nice yeah hey we’re at spirit Halloween there’s a lot of good stuff
here so we’re just gonna check it out come on here
step here oh he jumped I was so close Addie’s like plugging her
ears I was so close I didn’t I didn’t see him whoops do you remember that last year yeah I
remember it all right we got a giant ship here okay you know step here you
want to do it okay a lot of jumpers this year huh did we miss this one here okay
do we miss this one does this do something okay so that one’s nice you’re just still
plugging your ears oh my let’s try this this one’s not
working oh man Jillian do this giant one yeah he’s just laughing it’s just a lot
of laughing oh my yeah it’s like hanging oh look there’s the two-headed snake
skeleton oh there’s Slimer there’s Slimer hello
your Slimer what else do we got huh oh stop here
stop here nothing let’s get Sam this one’s pretty gentle yeah Sam C
he’ll get you with this sharp with a sharp lollipop oh no that lollipop free
free hugs seems legit seems legit let’s say oh yeah it’s so big it’s up really high but it’s
actually quite big free hug seems legit yeah he only really moves like a couple
inches closer yeah so those are the big things but there’s a lot of littler
things yeah oh yeah let’s go back here what is oh yeah where is it go and there it is oh my god
that’s gotta look great at night like yeah yeah that probably looks pretty
cool at night let’s try this girl here step on the oh my he’s like got her hands up cool
oh she pulling her hair let’s see no wonder her hair gets
I was too close I was too close yeah all right this is Frankenstein or Z this we have more to go here
oh look looks familiar hmm what’s this girl dude she said something but she isn’t moving
oh look don’t don’t they look like Billy Eilish yes
you guys are like hiding behind me the whole time yeah and this one never stops all right what
do we got here it’s a Mike Myers door greeter press the
button to move his mouth just plays this song
all right there’s an IT book Oh what’s this one try me welcome to Camp Crystal Lake Friday 13th what’s that Friday 13th Bride of Chucky try me says she’s animated but she’s not
seeming very animated I don’t know press my belly nothing now these something doing headstands
yeah they’re all having fun all right oh it’s kind of chunky turn it it’s like
a chunk all right Addie’s heads right in the way okay let’s see what we got over
here all right ground breaker hanging Phantom
ghost making some sounds get blasted some music in here let’s see so it’s
doing nothing this one’s good enough in boom we got lots of buttons to press yeah it’s like oh happy yeah press the
buttons what else do ya