We brought our dog to a spirit box session and got CREEPY responses… [cc]

December 6, 2019 0 By William Hollis

tears in my eyes
– yeah I’m not surprised What the f- Into the Hellmouth [intro music] This is very ominous Yeeeaa You know what would be weird? If Jack starts freaking out and that’s the end honestly that’s what I was thinking like
if Jack starts reacting I’m… We’re out, we tap out. Jackaboy! He just thinks he’s going on a nice walk
– You gonna keep us safe? I hate this so much already.
– Love the birds I thought that was a human Wait, what? I dunno I did it and it did it back No deadass that f–king copied you I’m already scared. It came again
– What the f— well it wasn’t a bird
– it was no
– yeah Maybe not I’m gonna stop now in case I’ve accidentally joined a sinister game hide-and-seek imagine my camera focusing on literally
one single thing in this park like I cannot tell you how much I hate this I
– really? I really hate it
– I’m quite chill yeah no I hate this right yeah so this is the Hellmouth
– Are we actually in it? I think so we’re
in the area we’re close enough at least No I don’t want to go on the grass! I feel okay over here but I hated it down there
-Why? What was the difference? I don’t know it’s just a vibe so this area is known as a
Hellmouth so of course we came to check it out it has a lot of history behind it
from like the Stone Age before even then I don’t know it’s always been like
sacred ground as far as I know that doesn’t mean anyone’s buried here like
the last time I talked about that but it’s important it’s always been
important spiritually and now it’s supposedly very haunted. someone
once went to hospital I think it was in 93 with severe shock and when she came
around they asked her why and she said that it was because she’d been walking
here and seen Satan himself. there is a story about demon children with cat eyes
terror (stutters) terrorizing businessman like shop merchant people. so here we are! I’m
gonna try a spirit box first of all Paw… that was the lamest paw. Jack. Jack. Jack! He’s listening. Possessed! is there anyone here that
wants to come through? [dramatic noise] just got caught by a random person
asking ghosts to come through so that’s definitely the most cursed thing that’s
ever happened to me yaaay Jack’s been scaring all the other
dogs so that’s great That makes him sound bad! oh no he was just standing there minding his business
– the other dog was a wimp yeah no I got a dot like ahead of us
where those benches are I guess and it said active oh yeah it’s closer. hello
– hello! how goes it who wants to chat? It doesn’t.
– It doesn’t! He doesn’t.
– He doesn’t! HE DUZNT Another dog He’s just gonna stare – that one’s bigger than you mate I wouldn’t Be free! No.
– Nah I feel like they don’t come as easily when you’re here
if there’s anyone here that would like to talk to us… Oh you sound real confident. come on
demon child [sped up voices] my name is Katie, Scarlett’s here and
also Jack hi! Say hi! Say hi! Speak!
-Hi Jack! Why is it so glitchy tonight? it really is like it’s crashing
my whole phone alright interesting where should we go? I mean I find it interesting out of all things it chose to say locate when we’ve been
walking around this park trying to find a demon
– True When did it say equal?
-when you were telling me about the man walking backwards down the path Why? What?
– I don’t know It was very weird Like, just from the darkness into the light up that path just straight backwards
-that’s so odd I know, I was like, what are you doing sir I think Jack’s scaring dogs again why is this only
happening here though? What?
-Jack does not scare every dog that comes past but here
they won’t come near him I don’t understand Really weird. I know, every dog is friends with him like on
the entire beach he made friends with every dog they genuinely won’t come within like 10 feet of him
-he’s like, but why 🙁 he’s not even doing anything I genuine right you know
I felt so bad at the beginning and then all of a sudden up there I felt fine I
have felt fine since I’m not like freaked out at all so I have a theory
that Jack’s protecting us and that’s why the dogs won’t come near him. is Jack
looking after us? is that why you can’t speak? [gasp] ew!
-What did it say? Coming.
Are you good? Man the people here are weird I asked are you good completely. Um you know what I don’t
believe you [Jack whining] Aw, what’s up baby?
– Oh no… Is Jack keeping you away? Do you like Jack? I’m gonna walk somewhere without him and see if it does anything
– Okay. No, we’re staying here I’ll be back…
hopefully… I might get stuck in hell bye Jack!
bye Jack! are you able to talk to me now? Slight. Is he okay? safe okay I’m gonna come back it’s um
it’s replying in context as per. hello Jack! He was whining when you went
-Did he? Yeah and then his breathing got really fast
[Jack whining] it’s okay I’m here I’m here buddy What did it say?
– I said – Safe, interesting
– that was on just before I came back that was when I was like k, I was saying are
you able to talk to me now and it said slight and now it’s dead again into the
Hellmouth are you able to talk with me now? I’m getting nervous the further away
I go I don’t like it I’m only gonna stand here for a few more seconds So if there’s anything you have to say… say it now was that him?
-Yeah alright ten nine eight seven six five four three two one zero Not happy.
– Oh, Jack I’m back my love. I’m back don’t want to keep Jack out here any
longer, gonna use the other app to do my goodbyes Thanks for talking to me
[voice noises] Every time! no that app has done nothing before ever every time you try to say goodbye they’re like haha tears in my eyes
– yeah I’m not surprised ‘Cause that apps never
– what ever in the whole time you’ve had it? Ever That’s why I don’t like…
– You have to listen back to the audio Oh baby we’re going in a minute okay well I’m leaving now thanks for talking with us some of it was horrible
good bye alright well
-well well just thought I’d pop in
at the end of the video to give a little bit of context, explanation, summary other
than the responses that I got from the apps which truly freaked me out a couple
of weird things I noticed while editing one our dog’s behavior which by the way
it’s not our dog we just walk him but for the purpose of the video our dog
Jack he was scaring every dog that came past owners kept having to walk around
us on completely different paths because their dogs would not come within like 10
feet of Jack and this is not normal for him this is never happened before he’s
not an intimidating dog he gets on with other dogs and we talked about it in the
video so it’s really really weird the other thing I noticed was that you can
hear children screaming crying throughout the video I cut
a lot of it out in editing because it just wasn’t like interesting I did see
most of these kids so can confirm most of them are real although not all of
them so who knows but even so every kid that came through this park came through
with screaming in bits of tears if I’m honest I don’t think this is a
coincidence anyway thanks for watching
I suspect the momentum for my nightmares before Christmas is about to trail off
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