We Tried Summoning A Vengeful Spirit

November 6, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– Cheers. – To our bad decisions. (funky music) – Today we’re summoning Bloody Mary against my better judgment. – Have you guys never played
this game before though? – I don’t mess with this. I don’t do Ouija, I don’t
do any of that mess. – This is the start of a scary movie. Three best friends, just like having fun, they don’t take it seriously,
and then guess what? Haunted by demons. – Apparently there are near countless variations to the Bloody Mary Legend. In many, she is a violent
supernatural being. – The name may or may not have been influenced by Mary the
First, a.k.a. Bloody Mary, the first queen regent of England, in other words, the first queen
to rule England on her own. She did kill a lot of people. – I’m excited to see
what pops out of here. Maybe we’ll meet a new friend. (ominous music) We stand in front of the
mirror in a dark space, spin in a circle three times
while saying “Bloody Mary,” her face will show in the mirror. You guys should have brought
your Bloody Marys with you, just in case. I want to go out lit. Ready? – Okay. – [Group] Three, two, one. Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. – Why are you grabbing me? – Because I’m waiting
for something to pop out. – I’m more afraid of our crew than I am afraid of Bloody Mary at this point. I’m like, “Did you screw me over? Is there someone coming for me?” – Are we gonna pretend to
hold a baby? Isn’t that one? (funky music) – Baby Blue is the myth of a woman sometimes said to be Bloody Mary who gave birth prematurely in a bathroom. – Baby Blue, Blue Ivy, all
signs point to Beyonce. – Pretend to rock a baby and chant “Blue baby” in the bathroom thirteen times in front of the mirror– – Nope, nope, nope, see
now we’re getting close to the part where we’re not
supposed to do those things. – The mother will appear as well and start screaming,
“Give me my baby back!” So Beyonce’s gonna come. – She’s gonna show up. We are gonna summon Beyonce. I’ve never been more excited. We should make an extra
Bloody Mary for her. – [Group] Baby Blue, Baby Blue. (sped up chanting) Baby Blue, Baby Blue. – I’ve gotten kind of
over this whole situation. – I was the most helpful
during the whole thing. (screams) – Wait, wait, that was me,
that was me, that was me. – You didn’t scare me. It’s more of just jumpy, I’m on edge so it was like my body
just immediately reacted. I’m not actually scared. – I’m glad we did it because
now I’m not afraid of anything. I could do anything right now. Nothing can kill me at this point. – I’m sorry that I scared you guys. – Girl, don’t knock. – Yeah, what made you think
that that was a good idea? – What are you talking about? – Stop playing. – I thought you guys freaked out because I said, “Give me back my baby!” – Oh my God. Roll the
tape. Roll the tape back. Hear that knock. (carnival music) – It really feels like someone
could hide under there. – Is this the reveal? (screams) – Stop yourself. Why did you do that? – I knew it. (screams) – I’m glad we did that because now I’m not afraid of anything. (screams) I can do anything right now. Nothing can kill me at this point. (screams) (slowed down screams) (spooky music) – Why don’t y’all look at her. She looks like she had a rough day. – She needs a drink. (lullaby music)