Welcome to District 51! September 2019

September 27, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Hello, and welcome to the District 51
website. We hope you will find the information that you’re looking for here.
Just a reminder, to make sure that we are as transparent as possible, there’s a
link on our website that has to do with a page that talks about the bond election;
about our budget, all those different pieces and parts that you may have
questions about. And as always, if any of that information is unclear to you, then
please feel free to contact any of us to answer any questions.
Next, we’ve had a really nice strong start to the school year. It’s hard for me to
believe that we are into September. We’re already solidly into fall sports and all
of the great things that are happening across our school district. We are, of course at one of exciting beginnings of a school year is
the full-day kindergarten for all students. So 100% of our schools are
offering full-day K at no cost to parents for all kindergarten students. We
are examining right now our dates for admission for the following year,
as we’ve had many questions about the July 15th cutoff date to turn five. So
we’ll be examining that, so that we’re ready for that next cycle of
kindergarten. You know, our goal certainly is to provide a very high quality
education for our students. We’ve received much of the results of last
year’s assessment window. We had 26 of our schools score in the high area of
the performance plan. We were excited about that. That’s the largest number
we’ve had for a while. Many schools then in that improvement area right behind it,
a few in the priority improvement, and only one and turnaround status. So that’s
kind of a school grade, if you will, that the state of Colorado provides to the
school district that really balances or measures student achievement, student
growth – how much a student grows academically over the course of the year. And then at the high school level, it also includes graduation rates. We are, as you
may have heard in the news, looking for doing a bond election for 2019. I invite
you to look at information that’s available in terms of the high
school bond being about the replacement of Grand Junction High School, as well as
improving the safety features of our other three high schools, and really
trying to make sure that we increase the capacity and life of those. So please
feel free to ask any questions that you might have about that. We are going
to be updating our strategic plan. We will be publishing a list of dates
and events so that we can pull together community, get feedback from our
community members, staff members, students, and really try to get a real clear
snapshot between – like I said – staff, students and community about what are
those values that our community has, and how do we want that reflected in our
educational system. So that it really is a reflection of who we are and what we
want to accomplish for our students, knowing that our students are, of course,
our future. And wanting to make sure that they’re well-prepared to really tackle
that future with all the skills and tools that they need to be college- and
career-ready. We want you to know we take our role very seriously, and really
relish the opportunity that we have to provide a high quality education for
students that’s well-rounded. We have some great band and orchestra activities
and choir coming up in the future, as well as our plays, so if you want to have
a weekend or an evening where you can really enjoy something special and to be
excited about your community, please check the school activities going on. I think you’ll find something for everyone. We thank you so much for the
opportunity to serve your students, and look forward to answering any questions
you might have for a great school year. Thank you