November 22, 2019 7 By William Hollis

what does heaven look like is the
afterlife real these are really pressing questions for a lot of people and if
you’d like to hear what I can share with you from what I have learned from my own
departed loved ones and hundreds and thousands of clients that I’ve worked
with over many many years then please stay tuned I’m going to share four
things that are really really important for you to know about heaven and the
afterlife I’m Diana Palm from www.dianapalm.com I’m
a medium author and spiritual healer and I work with people every single day who
have lost close loved ones and when I’m connecting with them in spirit I’ve had
the beautiful beautiful experience of seeing what their heaven looks like for
many many years I have been involved with the afterlife and with collecting
proof of the afterlife because as a medium I’m actually able to connect with
loved ones in the spirit world and see the things that they show me this alone
has given me a substantial amount of work to base all my theories on and my
belief system about heaven and the afterlife however it’s also been my work
with collecting proof of the afterlife through real EVP voices of the spirit
world dream visits and mentally connecting with loved ones who have
passed that have helped me to further substantiate my belief in what I’m about
to tell you number one there really is what most people refer to as heaven and
this is a beautiful light that is open to you when you pass there’s a certain
timeframe that this window of opportunity exists for you to freely go
into the light or into heaven and if people choose not to go that’s through
their own free will not a judgment and not a punishment if they choose not to
go that’s when they can become earthbound and become what we mostly
refer to as ghosts but hopefully all your loved ones will go directly into
the light and experience what we call heaven when this beautiful light opens
for you you will be greeted by all of your loved ones your ancestors even
people that you’ve never even met in this life you will also be greeted by
any pets that you had you’ll be greeted by your angels and some spirit guides
and any of your close family or friends it’s quite a welcoming home and you will
be greeted with tremendous love and support usually there’s one or two
people that step forward to usher you and
help you enter the light and once you’re there that’s when you’re reunited with
all of your loved ones you’ll see them as they’re as if there are just crowds
of people full of love for you the second thing that you should know is
that when you do go into this light and you enter heaven you release all your
worldly concerns so if there were any issues in your life that you still
needed to forgive you’re still carrying resentments most of those are just
dropped right at the door when you enter the higher vibration of this amazing
light that awaits you and immediately when they step into the light their
physical body is restored to perfect health there’s absolutely no suffering
no anger no remorse on the other side it’s really quite an amazing process
because there are levels to the light once you get on the other side and when
a spirit goes there depending on their level of being healed physically
emotionally and spiritually they will be able to continue to grow and continue to
heal until their soul is purified in the understanding grasp all the lessons that
they experienced in life until they’ve actually reached the peak level of
complete absolute forgiveness and the ability to see every event in their life
as a blessing rather than some kind of struggle or hardship that they lived
through that’s why these souls that do go to heaven and do continue their
healing on the other side are absolutely peaceful and full of love and
understanding for everyone in their life and everything that they have lived
through people ask me all the time what their loved ones are doing on the other
side so that brings us to number three we do actually have jobs once we die so
once we enter the spirit world and we enter Heaven as we’re moving up these
different levels and layers of heaven we’re still becoming purified we’re
still understanding our lessons we’re understanding the purpose of all the
things that we lived through we’re receiving the gifts and the blessings of
all the things that we encountered with people sometimes they were teaching us
and sometimes you are teaching them but as we escalate
through these different layers on the other side we have opportunities to step
forward for our living loved ones and actually serve them in different ways
that we weren’t able to when we were still living in a physical body so many
times your very own ancestors and very very close loved ones will assign
themselves to you to be your spirit guide and they will help you with
anything that you need help with as you continue your lifetime on earth there
are some people who love animals so much that when they get to the other side
they choose to be caretakers to all the animals that passed there are other jobs
too sometimes people just hold this wonderful high vibration of love and
send that energy to earth to transmute and heal the earth our loved ones in
heaven are always trying to impress this higher knowledge this higher level of
understanding and spiritual connection from what they’ve gleaned and learned
from being on the other side they’re trying to impress that and teach it to
you all of their loved ones their
communities and basically the world so they’re not just zapped into nothingness
there really is a lot of importance to what they do in the spirit world in
between lifetimes the most wonderful thing is there’s no competition there’s
no fear there’s no doubt all of those lower human emotions are literally
elevated when they cross over into the light so once they’re there it’s all
cooperation love support joy and this is the type of energy that they bestow upon
you when they come to visit you in a spirit visit and the fourth thing that
you really need to know what does heaven look like well this may surprise you but
there is not one way that heaven looks in fact we co-create our heaven for
ourselves we do we create our heaven if you want to know what your own heaven
looks like I want you to close your eyes and picture all the things in your
current life that you the most happy now in your physical
body so if that’s being around family and friends if you like going to the
lake house if you enjoy boating if you love making gourmet food if you just
like being outside in nature then this is actually what is being created for
you on the other side your heaven is always your best version of this life
right now so as you’re living it and as you’re
experiencing these things little pieces of that are being moved into your own
creation of heaven and they await you when you pass I have seen countless
different heavens and what I mean by that is sometimes when I’m crossing over
a ghost or a loved one who has not gone to the light immediately when they enter
the light they begin to show me they begin to show me their surroundings and
they are all unique I have one friend in particular who’s always on the St. Croix
River boating and he’s always got his favorite drink in his hand one of his
favorite things is that he can eat all the foods that he loved to when he was
living but he’d never gains weight so that’s one of the ways that he is
enjoying his heaven my little sister has shown me her heaven in a dream visit
where she actually led me to this place it was just the perfect habitat perfect
weather perfect balance in nature with water and sun and growth trees and grass
and there were the most unusual animals that I had ever seen and this was her
bliss this was her heaven she happened to be an extreme animal lover so this is
the heaven that she created mostly what I see is this beautiful look upon
everyone’s face where their eyes are just full of light their smiles are huge
their hearts are full of love and they’re emanating this beauty the
serenity and a peacefulness that has only truly even found in heaven many
people don’t realize that on the other side we can still enjoy food and drink
so that’s often one of the things that I see our love
doing in heaven is having these wonderful meals and drinking their
favorite beverage maybe it’s wine maybe it’s beer but they don’t have a problem
with it so in other words they’re not alcoholics they don’t have any kind of
eating disorders there’s no extremes in heaven it’s just
a vibration where they still experience the joy and pleasure of eating taste and
flavor oftentimes when I help people cross over the first thing that they
show me is another loved one in heaven and they’ll show me things that they
enjoy doing together recently I was working with somebody and when I crossed
him over he showed me a relative of his that had passed previous to him that was
waiting for him at the golf course I could see the shirts they were wearing
their golf cart the clubs and his loved one that was waiting for him was ready
to play this amazing game of golf on a pristine course with no other people
around I’ve encountered many people in heaven holding the babies of their
descendants I’ve seen people making fabulous meals for family and friends
that are coming to heaven soon many of our loved ones are still doing some of
the things that they love to and enjoy most in life without the added drawback
that they don’t get tired they don’t have time restraints they don’t have to
do it for a living and they don’t get sore bodies they just do it for the pure
love and joy of whatever it was that they enjoyed most some of these visions
actually come to me as I’m working with clients and I’m tuned in to their loved
ones either crossing them over or connecting with them for messages and at
that time I can look around and see what kind of things they’re showing me to
describe their heaven the other way that I have accessed this information is
through dream visits where my own loved ones have taken me there and show me
their heaven my hunch is some of you may have experienced one or another versions
of this yourself if you’ve lost a loved one and you feel like you’ve gleaned a
bit of their heaven either through a dream or a spirit visit I would love to
hear about it down below and if you know what you’re creating in
heaven already based on what you really really love the most in this lifetime
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upload a new video one of the things that I find the most gratifying and
doing this work is it it really eases any fear that people have about the
death process in my work I can tell you unequivocally
that there is an afterlife and there is a beautiful space to move into that we
continue to experience life even with our living loved ones I hope this video
helped bring you some peace and a better understanding of the afterlife thanks
for watching everyone have a great day