Yếu Tim Đừng Xem !Top Clip Ma Có Thật 100% P27 |  Ghost on caution camera | Ghosts are real p27

Yếu Tim Đừng Xem !Top Clip Ma Có Thật 100% P27 | Ghost on caution camera | Ghosts are real p27

October 18, 2019 2 By William Hollis

Top videos of spiritual and mystical recommended videos Children and people A history of heart disease Do not watch this video alone at night thanks! Welcome visiting Spray Boom TV Channel and as usual is still the spiritual things and mystery, I will guide you through the videos full of fear and Obsessive Terror within the chain series: Weak heart not to see That is Ghosts and even in our 39 Today will include The Mysterious Balls appear in broad daylight yin and yang eye dogs appeared with mysterious appearance and surprise attack And to start the video today A video from the Philippines And this video It has existed for quite some time on the internet With the video content as follows A man The girl had driven his little to play in an amusement park Besides an abandoned nursery school and while playing, the girl Distracted by something on the other side of the fence when asked, she replied: I was talking to a friend on the other side but when The camera turned on, the father did not detect anything. And shortly afterwards a horrific scenes appeared in front of his father. A little girl with disheveled A face beyond recognition Bangladesh with a dry skin And right now, we invite you to join us for it this video! To me The sudden appearance With a fairly horror identify such It can not be a normal person So according to you what this could be? Give your feedback by comments below the video nhé! Next video appears unexpectedly in the cemetery. In this video. A man who looks after the cemetery, this man went to check around the cemetery because of too much snow, his companion just a flashlight each with a Camera accompanied by the first cold of winter circumcision while Lounging with His work slightly this man faced something is right under your feet and seeing that exact exam of two people lying beneath We carefully review this video and home! And when fully review video We can also see that only the first two have no relatives who So the first cars appeared from nowhere, this is a spiritual phenomenon or the work of a certain man of murder You let her know in the comment below the video of this home! Next video Yin Yang Eyes canine As rumors of the folk The dog is a type of ownership is the Yin-Yang Eyes we have the ability to see things that normal people can not see our own being. Typically as : ghosts and things that have happened with the dog in the video clip that we See the following upcoming and bizarre behavior of this dog makes its home can be confident that even on that chair with someone invisible was sitting TREM sit on that chair over. Now, we invite you to join us for this video nha Next video She exotic In the park A park With looks gloomy and scary though this video is recorded in the daytime the horror of this place still make our videos feel cold Most macabre thing music that is bizarre From the music box do not know where to appear and the emergence of a girl in a white suit on hand holding a music box Appear unexpectedly then disappeared in a flash Leave a chilling sensation To hold our camera also now invite you Let’s monitor the video home! the next A video from Latin America to the Peruvian YouTubers Drawblock He said visited Lima cemetery in Peru called angel with a group of people who studies spirituality in this cemetery Everyone always speculation, that it has a glossy women often appear With a plaintive cry to prove that He and his group have come here and videotaped incident What we need to invite you track them! and as in this video We can see A white shadow clearly, a white shadow Move slowly and sight after bush in the dark side. So you follow the white shadow can be anything other? Let her know how you feel by comments below the video nhé! Next video recorded by a security camera of 1 apartment building in Japan The video is recorded in 2007 and as told by the people who take the elevator in this video he said before entering the elevator, he heard a noise Very strange like the cry of a woman, but when checking he did not see anything until he entered the elevator, then right now a person with ball Sticker fuzzy blur with long loose hair in a very scary Has entered the elevator with him and now we invite you to this video Review nha Followed by a video From Mexico Posted to YouTube in 2013. The doll ghost in cemetery This video was made by a group of people who love to explore the mysteries of spirituality and Where is the demon horror rumored, they had encountered something very bizarre it is one doll on the part of the deceased so this doll has something special invite you to let us be clear …. View video skills And next Is a video Quite cold spine and it can cause haunt you The appearance of the Devil! This video was recorded by two young friends walking from the subway station to go home and at a deserted stretch of road they encountered a person who looks very bizarre ball, but walked Gradually, step by step, and almost could not see his face by a hood mask Everything stops here then there is what you’re saying until they again met this person at a next point of ramp And No doubt it is Who walked through their faces even earlier And What’s Next will happen to two people We also invite you to carefully See video will clear the next A video from Argentina with a group of young And across the river Making art museums of the city with the stillness of the night and it is about Witness the strange happening inside here live an invisible impact caused the swing From operators make like there is someone playing on the swing this And this has made our group boyfriend have unnerved the stranger is What we invite you to carefully review this video and home! General and final video of this two young friends we decided to experience the view in this alley at night, for it would like Compared to daytime And they went to each place before each shop In this alley Until Now in this alley they saw the silhouette of a man This person seems very surreal husband and just stood and looked at them like a farewell Also since this time A horrifying phenomenon appeared in front of them and now we have new friends and thoroughly track this video to know two men had encountered what nhé! Here I would like to finish this video In the video we just watched the video is the scariest video is fake Most videos are real and give yourself feedback by comments below the video nhé! Or if you see the video do not forget to leave a like and Subscribe Spray Boom TV to support the growing and as well as to motivate Spray Boom TV to make more videos or more to serve you. Spray Boom TV to seeing you in the next issue lightly! And do not forget to click subscribe to channels that home! ahahahaha!